Set of 3 samurai weapons, Edo period, Japan

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Replicas of weapons for decoration, collecting, historical recreation,..
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Miniature replica of samurai sword.
The tachi was the samurai classical sword and hung with the blade down. This type of sword had to be drawn with both hands, so he had to leave the bow to use it.
Later the katana was developed, which, together with the wakizashi, were known as daishō (大小? lit.-large and small-).
When a samurai wore his full armor, the katana hung with the blade down and the wakizashi was once replaced by a tantō, which came to be considered one of the most important weapons on the battlefield.
capable of two things: cut seven bodies stacked one on top of the other and be sharp enough so that when submerged in water you can cut a waterlily that floats on the surface.

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Edo period
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91 cm
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2400 g

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