Mare Leg rifle, USA 1892 (50cm)

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Reproduction of a short rifle made of metal and wood, with a loading and firing simulator mechanism.
The Mare's Leg was a short repetition rifle with lever action, that is, that allowed several shots to be made before reloading, dislodging the used bushing and replacing it with a new one by actuating a lever attached to the trigger guard. ; hence the term -repetition rifle-.
Its operation consists of a horizontal movement closure that has the needle in line inside; the lower lever, when activated, unlocks the closure, then moves it backwards, uncovering the bedroom, giving space to a lifting tile and mounting the firing pin from behind. At the end of its backward travel, the closure causes a bullet to move from the loader to the lifting tile, and then the reciprocal forward movement of the lever raises the tile by putting the bullet in front of the chamber, where it is pushed in battery by closing. The last travel of the lever up again locks the lock in the firing position.
The design of this model was a return to its origins, using shorter revolver cartridges that produced less pressure. It also incorporated a Browning action much stronger than that of the first rifles derived from Henry.
This rifle was used by Josh Randall, the character of Steve McQueen in the television series Wanted: Dead or Alive (1958-1961). So the weapon has also been known as Randall Special.
Immerse yourself in the American western with the historical reproduction of this DENIX short rifle, a weapon highly valued by historical reenactors and weapon collectors!

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