Valkyrie battle-axe (71cm)

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The Valkyries or Valkyries (from the Old Norse: Valkyrja, -selectors of the fallen in combat-) are Dísir, minor feminine entities that served Odin under Freyja's command, in Norse mythology. Their purpose was to choose the most heroic of those fallen in battle and take them to Valhalla where they became einherjer. This was necessary, since Odin needed warriors to fight at his side in the battle of the end of the world, the Ragnarök. His usual residence was the Vingólf, located next to the Valhalla. This building had five hundred and forty doors through which the fallen heroes entered so that the warriors would cure them, delight in their beauty and serve them mead.
The origin of the Valkyries is not documented in the existing texts, but many of the best-known Valkyries had mortal parents. Today it is believed that the original Valkyries were the priestesses of Odin who officiated the ritual sacrifices, in which the prisoners were executed (- taken to Odin-). By the time the poetic Edda was compiled, at the end of the 12th or early 13th century, these rituals had begun legends about supernatural warrior maidens who took an active part in human conflicts, deciding who should live and who to die.
In the mythological poems of the poetic Edda the Valkyrie were supernatural deities of unknown ancestry. They are described as squire maidens who ride in the ranks of the gods or serve drinks in the Valhalla; they are given meaningful names, such as Skǫgul / Skögul (-fight, fury-), Hlǫkk / Hlökk (-stuff battle-) and Gjǫll / Göll (-screw of battle-).

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